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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm glad that somebody took the time to write the article regarding a fidget quilt bringing comfort to dementia patients. Sometimes, people don't know how to bring their loved one with dementia/alzheimer comfort considering the person doesn't remember much and may not be able to communicate what they want because they may not know exactly what they want or how to say it. It's good to hear that a quilt can be made like a child's learning blanket with many activities on one blanket.
Though this organization, that started a foundation to make these fidget blankets is not located throughout the USA this is a good article to read. It's helpful information. Wouldn't it be great if you/someone you know could start a foundation like this or even volunteer to make these fidget blankets in your area? If you need extra tips, Anne Marie Rowe Anne Marie Rowe may be encouraged by your effort and willing to give you tips.

Anne Marie Rowe was desperately looking for something to give to her ailing father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, something that would calm his fidgety hands. She had heard of fidget blankets/quilts, so she researched them and had one made especially for him.
It made such a huge difference for her father, and for other family members and friends, that she was inspired to launch The Fidget Quilt Project. It is part of the non-profit Rowe-Together Incorporated, which began in 2012, and is based in Newnan.
In the latter stages of Alzheimer’s, patients have been known to pull on bed linens or clothes – or run their fingers up and down the sheets repetitively. Even though their minds have been impaired, their hands still search for items to manipulate...
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